November 6, 2017


Why Take The Challenge? What is the challenge? I still remember when I started doing yoga in Phoenix, Arizona at the Bikram Studio, they were always doing these 60 Day Challenges. Practice 90 Minutes of Bikram every day for 60 days and you will be hooked. Yes, or never want to do yoga again. Challenges seem to inspire to the "maniac" in us and push us to do things we really wouldn't do. Competition at its best. But isnt that the opposite of what yoga is about? 

So I decided that the 90 Day Challenge would be different at Siva Yoga. So here it is:

1. Practice Yoga for 90 Days - not every day but as much as you can do to create momentum and have consistency over the 3 months. How about 3 times a week? If you do come every day do easy days and gentle days along the way. 15 minutes at home is better than nothing. Integrate a mini practice at home.

2. Add high nutrient foods to your diet. Remove the number one poison....sugar. Ask us about a system that works for Whitney and me. 

3. Reduce stress. In the winter time, eating hearty foods with oils and butter is perfect. Start a regular self care program that keeps you grounded. Ask us how!

You will feel better implementing these simple actions to your lifestyle.


October 15, 2017


I have been sharing this quote a lot these days in my yoga classes and teacher training. I think it speaks to the heart of yoga! Enjoy.

"Separateness causes suffering and union creates freedom. Yoga is union.

It is the separation from our Self, each other, nature, and from something greater (be it God, universal consciousness, or whatever term you want to use) that causes the anxiety and chaos symptomatic of our times. It is difficult for us to experience our natural connection with each other when we dont have that connection with our own Self. Yoga connects us with an inner wisdom, in which there is no doubt as to the connection of all things.

Now is the time for Yoga. "

- Larry Schultz


October 1, 2017


I have been teaching yoga in Wichita, Kansas for 10 years. Still today, there is a widespread perception of yoga that holds the public hostage to ideas that are false. I need to be flexible to do yoga. I need to be fit to do yoga. I need to be thin to do yoga. I dont have time for yoga. Yoga is ..... These false ideas and truths create  resistance to not participating in this powerful scientific method proven to regenerate the mind and body. Anti-aging Medicine.

Most yoga teachers discovered a yoga practice to reduce their suffering. Some from a physical injury or disease. Some from emotional pain and injury. Most all to remove stress. There are so many people in our community that suffer from physical and emotional injury and live stressful lives. So why are they not practicing yoga? 

Pattabhi Jois would say. "Just come practice yoga. All is coming."

I found comfort in those words as I began my yoga practice. At first I did not like the way I felt. I felt  old, stiff, stressed, inflexible, angry, and in pain. After 30 days of yoga I was still in pain but less stiff, stresed and angry. 60 days I was feeling young again in my body. I kne then I would never stop practicing yoga. After 90 days I was pain free. 

My decision to let go of my pain and suffering broke down my false perceptions of yoga and moved me to find a style of yoga that fit me. I looked at many different studios and styles of yoga before I found my fit. And that style of yoga is what I teach today. You need to do the same. First decide you are done with your pain and suffering. Then try out the many studios and styles of yoga available here in Wichita until you find the one that fits you. Then practice yoga for the rest of your life.  All is coming!



September 15, 2017


I talk a lot about how yoga creates space in the body, mind and in your life. It is a main ingredient to reduce suffering.

BODY: creating space here allows you increased flexibilty and movement. This alows better circulation allowing nutrients to flow in and toxins to flow out. You begin to breathe more fully as your rib cage expands to allow more efficient use of air in and carbon dioxide out. Lymphatic flow is optimal again removing toxins from your body. Organs have space to function properly. Nerve flow is optimal without interference along its pathway.

MIND: as you learn to quiet the mind there is space for inspiration and intuition to be heard. Quieting the internal talk (that just repeats 90% of the same garbage in to you) gives you an opportunity to think new, positive, affriming thoughts which creates new action.

LIFE: Space in the house...ahhh. Space in the car...ahhh. Space in the kitchen cabinets....refrigerator....ahhh. Simplifying and minimalizing creates an ease in your mind and body. Start in one place and see how good it feels. 

Fall is a good time to clean out the stuff. Let go so you can rest and renew during the winter season.


September 1, 2017


There is a powerful aspect of yoga called Satsang or community. This is community that shares the essential principles and teachings of yoga. Many of us are sneaking in and out of our yoga classes due to our hectic, busy lives. Coming and practicing yoga becomes our one time during the day to connect with ouselves and be free of the constant pressures of life. 

I remember my first retreat I took with a yoga community. I knew no one that was going, including the teachers. I recognized faces but that was it. I hadmade a time and financial commitment to take time out and connect with myself and a larger community. It was a magical time as I made lifelong friends and found a shared interest in yoga, transformation, nature, the ocean, and the local culture in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. 

I came back and asked the owner of the studio to allow me to lead retreats for his community. It was the start of my business venture into yoga and seeing the power of retreats as a way to bring us all together to play. So Siva Retreats continues to share this idea and we invite you to take time off, come play, come connect, and feel part of a beautiful community.

October 28-30, 2016 Hyatt Tamaya Resort in New Mexico - Siva Fall Retreat: Relax and Renew before the Holidays


August 15, 2017


I look back on my initial journey into yoga. I was desparate for connection with myself and was depressed and unable to get my shit together (that was not what I thought back then). My first class was Bikram in Phoenix AZ and I remeber walking into the studio and being blasted by the heat. The practice was new and fun and intense with the heat and I literally had sweat pouring from my sweat. Crazy! I felt so good and light, as if I had all of my worries and past trauma released with thesweat. Wow I was hooked. So i stayed for the initail 2 Week Pass. I still kept searching and found another great studio with a introductory deal...At One Yoga. I attended Candlelight Flow and immediately knew that tis was the place for me and the style of yoga for me. The room was warm but not oven baked. I loved moving through the fluid sequences and the music the teacher was playing had an instant connection for me...Bob Marley, R&B and some Jack Johnsoin stuff...this I could do everyday. Bikram I realized was for me once in a while. 


So why am I sharing this? After 10 years of teaching yoga and owning a yoga studio, I know that I cannot teach yoga to everyone. I will not be the right fit for everyone.  BUt the truth is that YOGA WORKS! And you need to find the right fit for you from style of yoga, feel of studio, energy from the teacher, etc so that you can fully embrace the yoga journey and make it YOURS! So if you have a friend you invite to your favorite class and they arent as thrilled as you are with it, remind them that there are other styles of yoga and other teachers out there and there is the perfect fit for them. Just go out and find it....because practicing yoga is amazing and life changing.


August 1, 2017


We are moving our studio back to our old space. I feel excited to go back. Whitney and I have been working hard at living a minimalist life. Purging our home of stuff. Being in gratitude for what we have...healthy family, great friends, lovely old home, heartfelt work, great community of support. Less is more. We are ready to have our functional beautiful space in Commerce again and share in the transformation of that area of downtown Wichita. It feels like a weight has been lifted and ease has settled back in to our lives allowing us to manage our life and family better. Living your yoga is amazing and you better allow for space and change to accomodate the transformations you seek and work towrds. Looking forward to the New Year of Living Simply!